Zimbabweans and supporters from all over the UK staged a demonstration outside Zimbabwe House in London on Easter Saturday, 19th April. The demonstration marked Independence Day on 18th April and was in support of “regime change” in Zimbabwe.

The theme of the London demonstration was “Mourning the Death of Democracy”. The MDC leadership has made a list of 15 demands to the Mugabe regime. These demands coincide with the “vital signs” that a democracy is alive and well - but the regime has made no attempt to even recognise these. The 15 demands are: 1 An immediate release of all political prisoners. 2 Agree to a programme clearly designed to restore the legitimacy of government. 3 Stop all state-sponsored violence against the people. 4 Restore all the political and civil liberties of the people. 5 Depoliticise food distribution. 6 Disbandment of all militia groups. 7 Stop the persecution of workers. 8 Restore a professional non-partisan police, army and prisons service. 9 Stop the political persecution of professional soldiers, police officers, prison officers and judges. 10 Stop the political persecution of the church. 11 Restore law and order. 12 Repeal the Broadcasting Act. 13 Restore academic freedom. 14 End the ongoing state sponsored electoral violence and fraud. 15 Stop the political persecution of civil society and respect the human rights of all Zimbabweans.


Jennings Rukani, Deputy Chair from MDC (UK) Executive Committee speaking passionately to the crowd outside Zimbabwe House on Saturday.


Leaflets were distributed to passers-by in The Strand which emphasised what is happening in Zimbabwe today. State approved murder and torture. 7 million people, that is more than half the population starving. Food only to Mugabe supporters. Clampdown on charities. Unemployment over 70%. Inflation out of control (200% and rising). The press muzzled. The Judiciary subverted.
and the leaflets go on to say What must happen? resignation of Mugabe. Free elections with independent monitors. Disbandment of government militias. Return to the rule of law. Freedom of the press. Independent judiciary. No sports tours.


John Chiwa from Harare doned a Zimbabwean flag, as he sang and danced to Zimbabwean music at the demonstration today. 7 months ago, John had fled to England and applied for Political Asylum. In Zimbabwe, he had distributed leaflets and acted as an usher at MDC rallies which made him a victim of the Green Bombers (Mugabe youth militia). John says he failed to answer Immigration questions here about his knowledge of MDC and his asylum application has gone to Appeal now.

Zimbabwe Association
is a support network for Zimbabwean asylum seekers and refugees, particularly those in detention. For more info contact: zimbabweassociation@hotmail.com
The Manchester Zimbabwe Community assists Zimbabwean asylum seekers to get the right legal advice by referring them to immigration solicitors. Contact: Jennings Rukani Tel 07890 293 088

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